Is turmeric the anti-ageing miracle you are looking for?

If you have ever eaten out at an Indian restaurant before, you have most probably consumed a powerful spice called turmeric without even realising it. As well as adding colour and flavour to Indian food, turmeric is also highly sought after because of its powerful beauty boosting properties, and it's now being lauded by those in the know as a miraculous natural cosmetic product.

Before you head to the surgeon's office, make sure that you clue yourself up on the beauty boosting properties of turmeric and rewind the clock naturally.

Anti-inflammatory. When you think of spices, you probably don't expect them to have any anti-inflammatory properties at all – after all, they taste, well, spicy. But turmeric is extremely powerful as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. And it's inflammation that is the cause of so many skin problems such as acne and blotchiness. Introduce turmeric into your life, and you could find that the red and uneven skin tone that you have evens out to a much more youthful hue. You might even find that it helps with extreme inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema.

Anti-oxidants. Turmeric, and specifically curcumin, which is found within turmeric, is extremely rich in anti-oxidants, and introducing anti-oxidants to your skin is also important for preserving a youthful and healthy glow. Anti-oxidants are important because they decrease the impact that free radicals have on the skin, and free radicals are harmful because they can lead to oxidisation and cell dysfunction. When you consider that turmeric is more powerful as an anti-oxidant than Vitamin C or Vitamin E, you begin to realise what powerful effects it can have on your skin.

How can you integrate turmeric into your life?

Knowing the benefits of turmeric is all well and good, but how you can you actually integrate turmeric into your daily life as an anti-ageing treatment?

Turmeric tea. You probably can't commit to spicy curries 365 days of the year just to up your turmeric intake, but there are other ways of getting your daily dose, and starting your day with a hot cup of turmeric tea is a great idea. Simply warm up some milk or a milk substitute with a teaspoon of turmeric powder, other spices of your choice (cinnamon works well), and some honey for sweetness.

Turmeric face mask. Turmeric is extremely versatile and it can be both ingested and applied to the skin externally. A popular face mask with turmeric uses equal parts gram flour (which has a slightly rough texture - great for exfoliation), turmeric, milk, and honey (for moisture). Leave it on the skin for ten minutes until it dries and then wipe off with a flannel you don't mind getting dirty because the turmeric will stain.

Enjoy your new youthful skin thanks to turmeric!